That of D. Exterior is a long story that originates in Brescia in the late 50s when the swimsuits were knitted, such as to leave a lot of room for the imagination.

The small workshop was then called Maglificio Nadia in honor of that little girl who would become the soul and creative mind of the D. Exterior brand and its high-quality production.

Growing up, Nadia soon showed strong entrepreneurial skills and in 1984 took over the reins of the artisan workshop, renaming it Cose di Maglia Srl and successfully launching it on the international market. In 1997 her entrepreneurial choices led her to create the D. Exterior brand.

The mix of great passion, scrupulous study of the product and absolute dedication to perfection and the search for beauty that at first glance might seem completely superficial (… hence “D. Exterior” which stands for Woman in the intimacy of her exterior) but in reality, it is not superficial at all, on the contrary, it actually caresses the art… the art of creating beauty; ephemeral, and at the same time necessary, beauty makes us “angels or Sirens, fairies with velvet eyes, beauty offers rhythm, perfume, light, makes the universe less hateful, and the passing of a minute less melancholy”.

To this day, the craftsmanship of all the knitwear garments, which are the key to the brand, strictly uses highly qualified Italian labor.
The story of Nadia is the story of a woman who has managed to conquer the female audience by creating very high-quality clothing designed thinking about the desires, the style of the women who wear it.