For over 20 years in D. Exterior the intertwining of fine yarns, weaves and creative processes has taken shape giving life to a knitted Total Look.

The yarn and its multiple expressions are the first designers of the collections, everything else is careful and constant care: quality control and attention to detail are the secret ingredients of the success of the Made in Italy brand.

The result of this rigorous research and the undisputed refinement of the garments made are the combination that has led D. Exterior to be recognized internationally as a luxury brand: a guarantee of the highest quality and elegance.

Each garment originates in the headquarters of San Zeno Naviglio (BS), the heart of the activity and home of the engineering of prototype design.
From the dress to the cardigan to the knitted coat, everything ends where it originated: at the site where the semi-finished product is checked, and the finishes are made by hand.

That of D. Exterior is a continuous growth.

The merit, according to Nadia, goes to her traveling companions: all her collaborators to whom she wishes to dedicate an affectionate and sincere thanks with these few lines.