D.exterior @Pitti Filati

Pitti filati 86,  where 136 companies are previewing the yarns for SPRING/SUMMER 2021 knitwear. A passion for "eco-sustainable fashion" is at the center of the scene.
Knitwears world talks sustainaible language. Fine cashmere is presented in a "recycled" version, "no cruelty" silks and LINEN & COTTON BECOME "BIO": 
Natural dyes are obtained from minerals and plants. 
Even colour recalls natural tones, with various shades: from green to grey, beige, hazelnut, cocoa, then water blue, navy blue, red, china blue, deep grey, apple green, fuchsia, orange and coral. Absolute trend is yellow: lemon, cedar, straw.
On the "effects-side" microbouclè triumphs, spongie and chenille, cord and webbings, create charming and moving surfaces. Decorations, multicolour-prints and special effects gain space, as sporty and elegant stonewashed linen, shiny viscose lit by lurex.For night styles, here come paillettes storms and metallic structures.

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