D.Exterior alongside Demeral

d.exterior per demeral
Fashion to be: D.Exterior and Demeral - leading company in hair products - together to present the trends of the autumn-winter 2019/20 collections.
The opportunity to do so is transformed into an event, a show that is also a fashion tale starting from the mannish style, a marriage between the masculine and the feminine.
«Beauty never stops looking to the future»: this is how Salvatore Fasano, stylistic manager of the Demeral Training Center, celebrates the company's proposals for color, cut, style, which share a stage to celebrate once again the profession of hairstyles.
Among the garments chosen by the D.Exterior art director stand out informal jackets with an oversized fit, tailored and masculine, mixed with rigorously total white shirts, with vaporous sleeves, enhanced by pleated skirts with metallic reflections.

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